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We offer a full range of maintenance and repair services for your caravan or motorhome.

Keeping your vehicle in the best condition ensures safety, and can prevent possible future costly repair bills.

Caravan Servicing

Having your caravan serviced on an annual basis is essential to maintain any warranty you may have and keep your family safe.

There are many things in a Caravan or Motorhome that need checking such as LPG gas appliances & supply, 12v & mains electrical systems, body shell integrity, running gear, tow hitches & stabilisers, braking systems, 3-way fridges etc

Warranty Repairs

If your caravan has been maintained but something has gone wrong then we are agents for most of the UK’s caravan manufacturers as well as the suppliers to the industry that make the component parts.

Get in touch with us, we will probably need the caravan CRIS number which probably looks something like SGBSL12BY64206458 - 17 digits in total

Motor Movers

Reversing or manoeuvring your caravan can be effortless with a caravan motor mover.

These clever devices attach to the chassis of the caravan and when engaged allow you to move your caravan by remote control.

Solar Panels

With an increasing demand for power these days more demands are put upon your leisure battery.

If you want total freedom to go ‘off the grid’ and use your caravan without a 240v hook up then you will probably benefit from having a solar panel fitted to keep your battery charged.

Cosmetic Repairs

Accidents happen, and when they do it is important to have repairs done to retain the integrity of your body-shell and also prevent any water ingress.

Even the smallest of bumps and scrapes can cause problems with joints and seams. Regardless of structural benefits, gouges and scrapes are unsightly and reduce the value of your pride and joy.

Satellite Systems

Enhance your home from home and never miss that all-important sporting event or latest episode of your favourite TV series.

There are a number of options available from self-seeking satellite systems, to portable dishes that only need an input point fitting to your caravan. We can give help and advice about the latest technology and restore your sanity!

Air Conditioning

Do you use your caravan on the continent, or maybe just enjoy control over your environment on hot days.

Air conditioning systems have been developed specifically for caravans that are efficient and lightweight to ensure your comfort and peace of mind. Even in the highlands it can be a way to cool down without midges and flies upsetting you.

Tyron Bands

Keeping you tyres ‘in date’ will help you drive safely and more securely, but the addition of Tyron Bands gives you extra peace of mind should your tyre have a puncture or blow out on the move.

Tyron Bands prevent the tyre from detaching from the wheel allowing you to come to a controlled stop. Even the most careful driver can fall foul to debris on the road.

Fitted Awnings

If you have a Motorhome and would like a permanently fitted wind out awning fitted then we have load of options for you.

Awnings are available in a number of sizes with or without side panels or ‘safari rooms’ depending upon your needs. Most wind out awnings also allow lightweight and inflatable awnings to be attached too, allowing another dimension to your adventures.

Why United British Caravans?

With our extensive experience, knowledge and a great team, you can put your trust in us.
Paula Richardson
Paula Richardson
November 29, 2023
Friendly staff that don't haress you
November 28, 2023
Quality vans and good range of stock in the shop, workshop guys are canny and the sales department spot on.
Liz Crone
Liz Crone
October 28, 2023
We bought a Bailey caravan from them back in June. It was a great sales process - Dave was very helpful throughout, and never pushy! Instead he listened to what we wanted, and actually showed us a caravan we hadn’t been considering and that’s the one we went for! We’ve been a little unfortunate and have a van that, once going out of the roads has probably had more issues than most, but their warranty work/fixing people (big shout out to David) have been just brilliant! They’ve had the van in quickly, fixed it and returned it to us always in time for booked trips away. Despite quite a few issues we’ve never missed a trip because their warranty work/service team are that good! And they’re lovely people too 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever buy a caravan from anyone else! Thanks Dave, David, and all the helpful people we bump into while our van is in and always have a helping hand available!
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
October 11, 2023
Closes at 4pm not 5pm 😭
David Woodhouse
David Woodhouse
October 4, 2023
I’ve just bought a brand new Bailey caravan here. John J was a very helpful and patient salesman with us. A couple of minor misunderstandings but resolved amicably and quickly. Lots of available stock so payment and handover went well and the caravan is now sited! 👍😊 A good business to deal with and a big shout out to the staff in the accessories shop who could not have been friendlier and were very patient and helpful with my wife and myself. Very well done all concerned!
October 3, 2023
Good selection of caravans and huge shop.
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall
September 26, 2023
Ooft....this place has everything...I mean could spend all day in here!