Bailey Pegasus Verona 2017


Bailey Pegasus Verona 2017 – 6125

Introducing the Bailey Pegasus Verona 2017, a testament to the perfect blend of elegance, comfort, and functionality in the world of caravanning. This 4-berth caravan is meticulously designed to cater to the needs of discerning travellers, offering a delightful combination of modern amenities and thoughtful features for a truly enjoyable travel experience.

Internal Length: 5630 mm

Overall Length: 7170 mm

Overall Width: 2230 mm

Full Awning Size: 1016 cm

MTPLM 1450 kg

MRO 1281 kg

Total User Payload 169kg


Key Features:

  1. Fixed Bed Comfort: The Bailey Pegasus Verona 2017 features a fixed bed, providing a dedicated and luxurious sleeping space. Enjoy the convenience of a permanent sleeping solution, ensuring a restful night’s sleep without the need for nightly bed preparations.

  2. Spacious 4-Berth Layout: Ideal for couples or small families, the Pegasus Verona comfortably accommodates up to four people. The well-designed layout ensures a harmonious balance of living space, privacy, and versatility, making it perfect for both short getaways and extended trips.

  3. Modern Interior Design: Step into a contemporary haven on wheels with the caravan’s modern interior design. Stylish furnishings, high-quality materials, and a thoughtfully chosen colour scheme create a welcoming atmosphere, making every journey a true pleasure.

  4. Fully Equipped Kitchen: The caravan boasts a fully equipped kitchen, complete with modern appliances and ample counter space. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or prefer simple meals on the go, the well-appointed kitchen ensures you have everything you need to create delicious meals during your travels.

  5. Luxurious Bathroom Facilities: Enjoy the convenience of a well-designed bathroom, featuring all the amenities required for personal care on the road. The Pegasus Verona’s bathroom provides a private and comfortable space, enhancing the overall comfort of your travel experience.

  6. Dedicated Dining Area: The caravan includes a dedicated dining area, creating a perfect setting for shared meals or entertaining guests. The thoughtful design ensures that dining is not just a necessity but an enjoyable and social experience.

  7. Smart Storage Solutions: Intelligent storage solutions are seamlessly integrated throughout the Pegasus Verona, allowing you to bring along all your essentials without sacrificing space or organization. Smart storage enhances the overall functionality of the caravan, making it a practical choice for any traveller.

  8. Sturdy Construction: Built with Bailey’s commitment to quality, the Pegasus Verona 2017 boasts a sturdy and durable construction. From the chassis to the exterior panels, every component is designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring a reliable and secure home on wheels.

Embark on your next adventure with confidence and style, courtesy of the Bailey Pegasus Verona 2017. This caravan is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a sanctuary that accompanies you on your journeys, providing unmatched comfort and convenience wherever the road takes you.

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